MoI issues 8 traffic guidelines for student safety in ‘On One Heart’ campaign

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The Ministry of Interior’s ‘On One Heart’ campaign focuses on creating secure school environments.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: In a concerted effort to enhance student safety, the Ministry of Interior has released a set of eight comprehensive traffic guidelines as part of the “On One Heart” campaign. These guidelines, aimed at promoting a secure environment around schools, are imperative for both parents and drivers to adhere to.

The key guidelines outlined by the Ministry are as follows:

  1. Seat Belt Safety: Always ensure that all passengers, especially students, are securely fastened with seat belts while inside the vehicle.
  2. Reduced Speed Zones: Exercise caution and reduce driving speed when in the vicinity of schools to mitigate the risk of accidents.
  3. Child Safety Checks: Before driving, conduct a thorough check around the vehicle to ensure that no children are near, reducing the risk of potential accidents.
  4. Safe Following Distance: Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front to allow for swift reactions and prevent collisions.
  5. Unobstructed Traffic Flow: Avoid obstructing traffic around school areas, facilitating a smooth and safe flow for all road users.
  6. Appropriate Drop-off and Boarding Points: Choose designated areas near schools for students to embark and disembark from vehicles, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  7. Backseat Rule for Young Children: Always seat children under 10 years of age in the back seat of the vehicle, providing an extra layer of protection.
  8. Utilize Navigation Apps: Employ map applications to discover alternative routes with less traffic, reducing congestion and enhancing overall road safety.

These guidelines are integral components of the “On One Heart” campaign, reflecting the Ministry’s commitment to safeguarding students during their daily commute. By incorporating these practices into daily routines, drivers contribute to creating a secure and harmonious environment around educational institutions. The Ministry emphasizes the importance of collective responsibility in fostering a culture of safety on the roads, with these guidelines serving as a cornerstone for achieving that goal.

This news has been read 388 times!

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