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Wednesday , October 27 2021

MOI: Go ahead use pepper spray

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 13L The Ministry of Interior has officially given the go ahead to use pepper spray, which is expected to be supplied to all police patrols including the public security, emergency, traffic and criminal investigations, in addition to the firearm, whose use, according to the source, will be restricted to aggravating cases, or rather in the event that the other party — the wanted person – is armed and points a firearm at the police with intent to kill or attempt to kill, reports Al-Anba daily.

The source said that the order to purchase pepper spray, which is used in many countries of the world, has been completed and there are subsequent procedures that will be completed within weeks so as to provide the security men with this effective means that will tighten control over the ‘wanted’ persons who show resistance to the security men. A security source said in an exclusive statement to Al-Anba that the Ministry of Interior last July held 8 meetings, during which they discussed the best ways to limit attacks on security men, and there was almost an agreement to introduce the hot pepper spray and use of electric baton in the event of people resisting the security men.

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