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MOI calls to ensure the validity of permits through its (barcode)

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KUWAIT, May 11: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior on Monday called on all those who had been previously issued permits allowing them to move during the partial ban period to validate the barcode of those permits following the issuance of the Cabinet of Ministers decision to implement a total lock down on all regions in Kuwait.

The General Administration of Relations and Security Media of the Ministry stated in a press statement that the decision to revoke some permits and legalize some automatically, prompted the competent authorities keeping in view of total lock down to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The Ministry of Interior called to ensure the validity of the permits through the following link: (https://curfew.paci.gov.kw/eBadge) stressing the need to adhere to the authority and cooperate with field security men in this regard to avoid legal issues.

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