Thursday , September 28 2023

MOI Arrests 58 Expats for Residence Law Infractions

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KUWAIT CITY, May 26: In a successful operation conducted by the Residence Affairs Investigations, a total of 58 expats were arrested for violations of the residence law. Among them were individuals involved in begging and a woman engaged in the illicit exchange of medicines for money.

Continuing their commitment to maintaining security and conducting comprehensive campaigns, the General Department of Residence Affairs Investigation carried out a targeted operation in the Shuwaikh area, resulting in the arrest of 39 individuals who violated residence and work regulations.

In addition, the collaborative efforts of the tripartite committee in Sabah Al-Salem and Al-Mahboula regions led to the capture of 19 violators. This included 14 cases of absconding, 4 cases of expired residence permits, and 1 case of violating Article 20. Furthermore, a beggar was apprehended in the Abdullah Al-Mubarak region.

In a related development, investigations conducted by the Research and Investigation Department led to the arrest of a woman involved in the illegal practice of providing outdated medical admissions to hospitals in exchange for monetary compensation.

Appropriate legal measures have been taken against all violators and individuals who were arrested, with their cases being referred to the relevant authorities for further action.

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