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Wednesday , September 28 2022

MoH opens doors to public for receiving winter ‘shots’

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KD 1.2 mln allocated for importing ‘Remdesivir’ drug

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 17: According to informed sources from the Ministry of Health, the preventive health centers have opened its doors for people of all ages who wish to receive winter vaccinations either for seasonal influenza or pneumococcal pneumonia, especially after the arrival of sufficient quantities, reports Al-Qabas daily. They explained that making room for those who wish to obtain winter vaccinations comes after the arrival of double quantities of vaccinations for influenza and pneumonia, especially since the previous period had witnessed intense demand for them, which led to prioritizing them first for citizens and then some segments of residents in the country, and in stages, starting from mid-October.

The vaccinations were provided after booking an appointment, as the health teams required the presence of a barcode to indicate the reservation before admission to the center, as part of the first stages of implementing the winter vaccination campaign.

The initial days witnessed an extensive turnout by citizens especially in November when appointments were set according to the capabilities and capacity of each health center to receive patients in accordance with the health requirements currently implemented. The sources stressed that the availability of vaccinations for all nationalities achieves the societal immunity that the Ministry of Health seeks, especially in light of the continuing registration of COVID-19 cases. They said the occurrence of influenza infection along with COVID-19 infection negatively affects the health of the infected person. The sources affirmed that the increase in health awareness contributed to the intense demand for winter vaccinations this year compared to previous years.

Meanwhile, while the number of COVID-19 cases receiving intensive care treatments is witnessing a continuous decline during the last period reaching 57 cases, informed sources from the Ministry of Health revealed that the ministry has allocated about KD 1.2 million for importing the drug “Remdesivir”, which is given to patients infected with COVID-19 in the public hospital wards, reports Al-Qabas daily.

They affirmed the ministry’s keenness to provide the best and most modern medicines and medical equipment to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic before and after the crisis. The sources said, “The Remdesivir drug is still used for the treatment of COVID- 19 patients in the wards designated for them in hospitals. It is not given to intensive care patients, as medical recommendations indicate the need to give it to patients with mild to moderate symptoms, as well as those who reach the stage of severe pneumonia and have low oxygen levels.” The medicine is administered by injecting the patient. It also reduces the duration of treatment for COVID-19 symptoms to about a third.

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