MOH: Nursing Staff Recruitment Sans Intermediaries

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: The Ministry of Health has underscored its adherence to established regulations, stating that it ceased engaging with intermediary companies for nursing staff recruitment after 2018. Through a press release issued yesterday, the ministry clarified that applications for nursing roles are channeled via memorandums of understanding between itself and the governmental bodies in countries exporting nursing professionals.

The ministry further elaborated that many of the prevalent advertisements promoting the recruitment of nursing staff through intermediaries, primarily in certain Asian countries, are outdated, with some dating back to as early as 2014.

Elucidating the recruitment process for overseas nursing staff, the ministry detailed a structured approach. This entails forming memorandums of understanding, publicizing openings through pertinent governmental bodies in the source countries, followed by conducting individual interviews and assessments. Subsequently, the process involves temporary appointments, performance evaluations, and eventual permanent appointments.

The Ministry of Health strongly emphasized that announcements regarding foreign recruitment for nursing positions have been scarce in recent years, with a few exceptions such as Pakistan and Jordan. Such announcements are only made in collaboration with relevant governmental institutions in countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia.

In light of the circulation of misinformation, the ministry highlighted the importance of rigorously verifying accuracy and credibility before disseminating information. This precautionary approach aims to safeguard trust in the National Health Institution.

This news has been read 11620 times!

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