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MoH health inspectors demand their rights for legal recognition

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 2: About 300 health inspectors working in the Ministry of Health have submitted grievances to the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health concerning the Law No. 70/2020 on the medical practice and its allied professions law, as this law neglects the specialization of health inspectors and do not recognize them, reports Aljarida daily. They demanded an end to such unfairness against the health inspectors working at the Ministry of Health who hold university degrees and higher degrees from several institutions, and grant them their rights.

In a grievance petition submitted to the Council of Ministers, the health inspectors explained that the new law ignored the specialization of health inspectors, even though they have proven their worth through their work to confront the spread of COVID-19 virus in quarantine centers, hospitals and health centers.

They also carried out epidemiological investigations for several cases, received citizens who returned via air and land evacuation trips, and followed up the infected and quarantined cases both in quarantine centers and their homes.

They were exposed to serious dangers while working in the firstlines to confront the pandemic from the time it emerged until date, such that many of them contracted the disease, and some were admitted in the hospital for treatment, while others transmitted the infection to their family and children.

They said, “After all the efforts and fatigue, how are we not recognized for our specialization within the law on the practice of the profession?!” The inspectors affirmed that they had submitted a letter of grievance to the Petitions Committee of the National Assembly two months ago to demand the rights of health inspectors in the ministry for those with bachelor’s degree or above in the table of job levels for management of health inspection functions, supervisory and judicial control positions.

They indicated that they also made proposals in the letter about the job title for holders of a bachelor’s degree or above. The inspectors said they also demanded in their letter that diploma holders among the employees be granted the right to obtain a bachelor’s degree after employment with official leave from the Ministry of Health and the Civil Service Commission.

They stressed that they submitted another letter of grievance to the minister of health in September, claiming their right to the joblevel schedule that they have been working on since 2003, but without success. The inspectors said the current schedule is not fair to the health inspectors holding bachelor’s degrees or above compared to other specialties, knowing that it consists of four different job levels, while the job levels for other specialties and medical personnel consist of six levels within the ministry and the Civil Service Commission.

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