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Thursday , September 23 2021

MoE fails to tackle phenomenon as high school exam papers ‘leakage’ continues

‘Cheating reaches unprecedented proportions’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 12: As an indicator of the inability of Public Education Sector of Ministry of Education to tackle the leakage of high school exam question papers, the 12th grade English language exam questions were leaked recently, rendering the students to possess the question and answer papers 15 minutes before the exam started, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to relevant sources some of who were from within the secondary exam control unit, the leakage crisis has gone out of hand in the Public Education Sector.

It started with the Islamic Education exam on January 6, and then happened again in the Chemistry exam the day before yesterday, and again on the following day with the English language exam question paper.

A state of alert has been raised in all 12th grade committees, the central exam control unit and the printing unit due to the repeated leakage of exams, which is described as a real tragedy and a crime against the right to education. The ministry has been unable to address this flaw.

There is a high percentage of students who are late in entering the exam halls. Most of the records that were registered against cheaters were due to writings on their hands or accessories with answers to the questions. The cases of cheating during the current period’s exams are also increasing, the reason could be due to frequent leakage of questions. The main problem is the fact that the leakage is taking place early, in full view of officials and experts.

The sources said, “On the other hand, we did not see any movement or response from those concerned in this regard, despite their knowledge of the matter. The ball of responsibility is rolling between the personnel in the exam committees and the secret printing press”.

They criticized the decision taken by the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education Affairs Osama Al-Sultan to prevent expatriate invigilators from entering the exam committees, adding that the role of the expats was limited to handing envelopes to the heads of the committees, and supervising the process of distributing the examinations and listing the errors. The sources insisted that this matter has affected the expat invigilators’ reverence and control of the committee, and gave an opportunity to possible leaking of exams, especially by the special committees. They stressed the need to take firm and immediate measures and decisions to deal with the matter by preventing students from entering after the exam commences, and handling the problems of leakage of exam questions via legal channels. The sources revealed that, in the English language committees, 202 cases of students were being banned from the exam.

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