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Modifying the rental law – “No eviction for defaulters”

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KUWAIT CITY, Apr 28: In light of the economic situation caused by coronavirus that led to the disruption of life in Kuwait the issue of rents has emerged strongly with the inability of a large segment of tenants to pay the rents after their financial resources was stopped.

Some of the owners took the initiative to exempt tenants others reduced the rent while a third category maintained its full and undiminished right which caused widespread controversy with which forced lawmakers to submit a proposal to amend the real estate rent law.

Five MPs submitted the proposal, Abdullah Al-Kandari, Abdullah Fahad, Abdul-Wahhab Al-Babtain, Badr Al-Mulla and Youssef Al-Fadalah stressed that the amendment is necessary in order to keep peace, public security and to protect the tenant.

The proposal was submitted to amend 22 year old Law No. 35 of 1978 of real estate rents stipulating the amendment of an article guaranteeing the right of both the tenant and the lessors of real estate, so that it prevents the tenant from vacating the property if he fails to pay the rent due during the period of delay in salary or termination of work.

The proposal warned that what is stipulated in the law of evicting the tenant may threaten a social and security catastrophe that increases the burdens of the state with the difficulties it faces and therefore the amendment secures the protection of peace and public security.

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