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Thursday , September 23 2021

MoCI monitors prices of materials: Al-Rashidi

KUWAIT CITY, July 27, (KUNA): Speaking on the ills of a secondary or black market for construction material, head of the quality development team — a voluntary group – Khaled Al-Otaibi could not stress enough the negative impact of the presence of such market.

Though providing more options by the ministry to the citizen is a good step, it would be advisable to add more materials to the subsidies list to prevent others from taking advantage of citizens, Al-Otaibi affirmed. By doing so, Kuwaiti nationals could fully benefit from the government constructional loan, which currently barely covers the need for house construction, he added.

The issue of house construction all boils down to the needs of citizens and Mohammad Al-Mutawa – a Kuwaiti national – said that specifying certain materials that meet the subsidies criteria might lead certain individuals to sell subsidized goods that they were not in need of creating a debacle.

Selling material to other house owners within the boundaries of the neighbor-hood should be considered as a “black” market activity, he indicated, saying that instead of wasting material, it was put into good use, a matter that should be applauded and not frowned upon. On the flipside of the coin, citizen Khaled Al-Yaseen praised the government for providing subsidies on basic construction material, saying that it enabled him to construct a house based on his needs. The government loan in addition to subsidies is a great deal for citizens and it will enable them to build adequate dwells, he added.

By Munira Al-Sultan

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