Mobile wagon owners complain about injustice and abuse of PAM

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 21: Owners of mobile wagons issued a statement to complain about “the injustice and abuse of the Public Authority for Manpower when it closed their files with code No. 33 under the pretext of not reserving sites for wagons, despite the scarcity of such sites, as only about 400 sites were designated by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for a total of 2,000 licensed wagons”, reports Aljarida daily.

In the statement, it was highlighted that the suffering of the owners of mobile wagons continues, and that their complaints and the obstacles to work are still in place with no one to listen to their grievances, especially PAM, in a bid to find radical solutions to their sufferings.

It indicated that they are being threatened with suspension of financial support if they fail to adhere to their designated site, and this will financially cripple the wagon owners.

The statement stressed that there is more than one activity that is not allowed to reserve sites through the website, including printing, photocopying and automobile repair among others.

It suggested that the ministry should track the locations of the mobile wagons through the GPS device installed inside the wagon, and also allow the transfer of article 20 visas due to the current inability to recruit workers from abroad as a result of the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

In their statement, the owners of mobile wagons explained the need to increase the number of workers due to several reasons, including the shortcoming in the labor law which stipulates that an employee should not work for more than eight hours, which is not sufficient for the daily income, and that if the worker wants to take annual leave, he will leave a vacuum which will affect the business. Also, in the event of an absconding employee, the employer is unable to employ another person until the absconder is arrested and deported.

This news has been read 14028 times!

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