Missing woman’s body found in alligator’s jaws

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Missing Texas woman’s body discovered in alligator’s jaws.

TEXAS, May 30: Officials have confirmed the discovery of a missing Texas woman’s body in the mouth of an alligator, according to statements released by authorities.

The Houston Police Department reported that the remains of a woman believed to be in her 60s were found at approximately 8:40 a.m. local time on Tuesday, May 28. The grim discovery was made “in the jaws of an alligator in the Horsepen Bayou,” as detailed in a news release issued by city officials.

The woman had been reported missing, prompting law enforcement officers to search for the area. It was during this search that the remains were located, officials added.

Upon locating the remains, a police sergeant intervened by shooting and killing the alligator to prevent further damage to the body. The Houston Police Department’s dive team subsequently recovered the remains.

An ongoing investigation is now underway to determine the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death and to establish her identity, according to city officials.

Local residents familiar with the area where the woman’s remains were found noted that alligators are a common presence in the vicinity. Angela Derous, speaking to ABC affiliate KTRK-TV, remarked, “I know which banks to stay away from and where they like to lay in the sun. That’s the first time I’ve heard of that happening down here. It’s a little scary.”

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, alligators are typically found in swamps, rivers, bayous, and marshes across southern states, including the eastern third of Texas. Breeding and nesting activities for alligators in Texas usually occur between March 1 and May 30.

Although alligator attacks in Texas are rare, encounters between humans and alligators have increased as the population of these reptiles rises, TPW noted.

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This news has been read 792 times!

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