Ministry unveils intention to set up charging stations for ‘electric cars’

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EPA believes move will reduce pollutants

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: The Ministry of Electricity and Water recently unveiled its intention to set up electric cars charging stations for vehicles operating on electricity or the so-called cars with zero emission in preparation for the introduction and encouragement of its use, which contributes to clean environment, reports Al-Anba daily.

The ministry’s guidance, which begins with the study of the issuance of a list of conditions and rules to be applied for the establishment of electric car charging stations in cooperation with the Public Authority for Industry and a car company, is complementary to the efforts exerted by the Environment Public Authority (EPA), which has been working for more than a year on this subject This has been confirmed by Director of Air Quality Management at the EPA while speaking about the use of vehicles with zero emission.

Mohammed Al-Sharhan, Deputy for Administrative Affairs at the ministry said this approach is part of its interest in implementing the state-approved environmental law. The EPA believes that this approach, if applied in the country, will contribute to reducing pollutants caused by car exhausts, estimated at 50% of total emissions from human activities.

In this context, Al-Sharhan said the Ministry of Electricity will start by virtue of its responsibility to protect the environment in accordance with the law, which aims to maintain a clean environment through the establishment of points to charge cars within the main building of the ministry where it plans to use cars with zero emission of 5% of the total cars provided by the ministry to its employees through its contracts as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient vehicles. “These cars have become increasingly attractive to many people as they have developed greatly in light of the rapid development of industry and technology that has allowed the conversion of fuel-powered vehicles into environmentally friendly cars,” Al- Sharhan said.

Deputy Director General of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the sector is responsible for camping licenses, adding the recent suspension of the license is based on a recommendation from Civil Defense Committee to protect life and property of citizens and expatriates, reports Al-Anba daily.
Speaking to the daily, Al-Enzi affirmed the decision followed concerns expressed by the Parliamentary Environment Committee after the recent heavy rains exposed mines believed to be remnants of the Iraqi invasion in the desert areas due to erosion, indicating licenses were suspended to ensure public safety.

He reiterated the idea of resuming issuance of licenses is being studied in coordination with the Municipality and Ministry of Defense to ensurethe desert areas are free of leftover mines

This news has been read 16372 times!

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