Ministry tackles cheating: Twelfth-Grade exam strategies in focus

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Ministry of Education exploring effective strategies to combat cheating in 12th Grade exams.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: The Ministry of Education is currently exploring effective strategies to combat cheating in the twelfth-grade exams. A decision must be made between the traditional internal rotation of committee heads within one educational region, a past practice, or external rotation between regions, a method implemented in the last academic year. The stability of the situation is a crucial factor in this decision-making process. It has been mandated that there will be no rotation of exam committees for the upcoming tenth and eleventh-grade exams, set to commence next Sunday.

Responding to a request from Hessa Al-Mutawa, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Public Education, regional educational directors submitted their proposals regarding the rotation of exam committees for the twelfth grade at the end of the first academic period. Two proposed approaches were presented: internal rotation, specifying the committee chairman, their current work station, and the future work center to which they will be transferred, or external rotation, involving the committee chairman alone, with the sector determining the educational district and school to which the chairman will be rotated.

An educational source disclosed to Al-Rai that the Ministry of Education remains committed to stringent measures against cheating and is determined to ensure the smooth administration of exams. The decision to continue with “external” regional rotation applies exclusively to twelfth-grade committees, with no reconsideration for the tenth and eleventh-grade exams.

Regarding the absence of transportation classes from the rotation decision, the source explained that this is due to the correction process for transportation class tests occurring in schools. Applying rotation to these committees would necessitate simultaneous rotation and correction in the new work center, leading to potential issues and a high volume of grievances. The source emphasized that the school department corrects the subject test for transfer classes immediately after students complete it.

This news has been read 656 times!

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