Ministry prepares for impending rains with proactive measures

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Ministry of Public Works initiates rain preparedness measures across the country.

KUWAIT CITY, April 30: In anticipation of forecasted rainfall, the Ministry of Public Works and its associated sectors were activated yesterday morning to undertake proactive measures. This response comes amidst warnings from specialists and meteorologists about expected rainfall over the next few days due to an impending depression.

Teams were swiftly dispatched to deploy rainwater pumps in various locations across the country. Sources from the Ministry informed Al-Jarida that preparations include the strategic placement of emergency teams in critical areas and the deployment of pumps in locations prone to rainwater accumulation based on past occurrences and anticipated precipitation density.

During emergencies, Public Works ensures the availability of multiple water-pulling vehicles to address pooling water. Moreover, the Ministry prioritizes the safety and efficiency of pump rooms within tunnels along highways in readiness for any potential emergencies.

Continuous coordination between the Ministry of Public Works and the Meteorological Department is maintained around the clock. Through its emergency response center, the Ministry monitors the evolving rain situation, directs response teams, and issues necessary instructions to manage the rain impact across the country.

In a separate development, Ministry sources reported recent maintenance activities, asphalt laying, and planning efforts on the Sixth Ring Road spanning over 2.5 kilometers. These initiatives are part of ongoing highway repair endeavors undertaken by the General Authority for Roads and Land Transport under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works, following directives from Minister Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan.

Highway repair works are ongoing, with a current focus on various sections of Jahra Road and Airport Road. Damaged layers are meticulously removed, replaced, and paved with asphalt using approved mixtures, all under the vigilant supervision of competent authorities within the Ministry and the General Authority for Roads.

This news has been read 1643 times!

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