Ministry of Information Issues Strict Warning on Authentic News Reporting

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: Lafi Al-Subaie, the Undersecretary of Press, Publishing, and Publications at the Ministry of Information, underscored the importance of media officials maintaining accuracy when sharing news from sources other than reliable ones on their platforms. In a press statement on Wednesday, Al-Subaie firmly stated that media outlets are strictly prohibited from publishing, broadcasting, rebroadcasting, sending, or transferring any content that violates the media laws of the State of Kuwait. He issued a strong warning, emphasizing that the dissemination of rumors would face decisive legal repercussions.

Additionally, Al-Subaie emphasized the Ministry of Information’s commitment to monitoring and addressing misinformation. Instances where media outlets are found to be spreading rumors lead to referrals to the Public Prosecution, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken against those responsible. He urged everyone to exercise caution and obtain news exclusively from official sources to avoid running afoul of legal prohibitions.

This news has been read 4023 times!

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