Ministry of Health considers fingerprint system for dispensary doctors

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Ministry of Health contemplates a fingerprint system for primary healthcare doctors.

KUWAIT CITY, April 17: The Ministry of Health is contemplating the implementation of a fingerprint attendance and departure system for primary healthcare doctors, marking the initial phase of this initiative soon. Informed sources within the health sector have revealed to Al-Jarida that this move is aligned with the overarching commitment of all government employees, including those in ministries and other entities across the country, to utilize the fingerprint system upon arrival and departure from their workplaces.

Emphasizing the broader context, sources highlight that various job categories within the Ministry of Health, such as administrators and nurses, are already mandated to adhere to the fingerprinting requirement. The decision stems from regulations outlined by the Civil Service Commission, where a significant portion, 20%, of the total annual evaluation of an employee is contingent upon their compliance with the fingerprinting protocol during attendance and departure.

The Ministry’s exploration of extending the fingerprint system to doctors operating in dispensaries aims to preempt any potential scrutiny from the Civil Service Commission. By aligning with regulations and fostering accountability, the Ministry seeks to ensure smooth operations and maintain compliance across its workforce.

Noteworthy is the Ministry of Health’s latest data, indicating a workforce of approximately 10,350 human doctors employed within its hospitals and primary healthcare centers. As the Ministry deliberates on this proposal, it underscores a commitment to modernizing administrative processes while upholding regulatory standards within the healthcare sector.

This news has been read 838 times!

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