Ministry of Education implements teacher’s license requirement in private schools

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KUWAIT CITY, May 11: In a significant move aimed at enhancing educational standards, the Ministry of Education has announced the adoption of a teacher’s license as a fundamental prerequisite for the employment of teachers in private schools. This decision, disclosed by the Assistant Undersecretary for Special and Specific Education, Dr. Suleiman Al-Lafi, signifies a pivotal shift in the hiring procedures within the private education sector.

Dr. Al-Lafi’s directive introduces a new criterion for issuing work approvals to prospective teachers, mandating that applicants possess a vocational qualification diploma, commonly referred to as a professional license in education. This diploma must be issued by one of the accredited academic accreditation bodies recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Effective from the upcoming academic year 2024/2025, the issuance of work approvals for new teachers will be contingent upon the possession of a teacher’s license. These approvals will initially be valid for one academic year, and renewable for two additional academic years. However, renewal beyond this period is conditional upon teachers obtaining the requisite teacher’s license.

Furthermore, current teachers in private schools are granted a transitional period of three years, beginning from the academic year 2024/2025. During this timeframe, schools are mandated to ensure that their teachers acquire the necessary license from accredited academic institutions. Failure to comply with this requirement within the stipulated period will result in the expiration of work approvals for affected teachers.

Notably, the Ministry of Education is committed to enforcing the teacher’s license across all educational institutions, starting with private schools and subsequently extending to government-run establishments. Collaborating closely with the National Center for Educational Development, the ministry is actively devising strategies to implement the license requirement systematically within the public education sector.

This groundbreaking initiative underscores the ministry’s dedication to elevating the quality of education and ensuring that teachers possess the essential qualifications to deliver effective instruction. With the introduction of the teacher’s license, the ministry aims to uphold rigorous standards of professionalism and competence among educators, thereby enriching the educational experience for students across the nation.

This news has been read 5701 times!

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