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Ministry intensifies campaigns to curb electricity-related violations

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Crisis in light poles maintenance sector

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 6: The Deputy Head of the Judicial Control Team in the Ministry of Electricity and Water Ahmed Al-Shammari affirmed that inspection campaigns will intensify in the next stage to curb infringements, particularly in houses with unlicensed extensions such as increase in building space or the building of random structures and “tin” houses on rooftops or in front of the houses and then rented to expatriates, reports Al-Anba daily In a press statement, he said, “These violations and extensions are very serious, as they negatively affect the integrity of the electricity network and public safety. It could lead to an electrical short-circuit problem due to illegal extensions.

Intensive campaigns will be held in Capital, Farwaniya and Jahra governorates with the cooperation of the Kuwait Municipality, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Interior and the Public Authority for Housing Welfare”. Al-Shammari revealed that the judicial police team of the north region, in coordination with the Department of Networks Distribution, recently carried out a joint campaign with the Kuwait Municipality under the supervision of the Capital Governor Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to monitor violations and infringements in some areas including Sharq and Daiya. He explained that the power supply to a building in Daiya area where bachelors were residing was cut off under the supervision of the Capital governor and the Capital Municipality’s emergency team. Also, power supply was cut off to three properties in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area that took advantage of the state-owned open areas and connected electricity illegally.

Al-Shammari affirmed that the continuation of the joint campaigns in coordination with the Capital Governorate and Kuwait Municipality is based on the team’s strategy to eliminate infringements that pose a threat to the integrity of the electricity network. He revealed that the team succeeded in reducing violations at a very high rate, adding that the team, during the last stage, cut off power supply to more than 50 violating properties as a result of violating electrical installations.

In other news, according to informed sources from the Ministry of Electricity and Water, there is a crisis in the light poles maintenance sector due to the removal of the safety lane on highways, as the maintenance of light poles now requires coordination with the Ministry of Interior in advance, and setting a date for it, reports Aljarida daily. They explained that the maintenance teams, in the past prior to the removal of the safety lane, used to go to the light poles that needed maintenance, and then place a barrier in order to carry out the necessary maintenance. This matter has become difficult now with the removal of the safety lane, as prior coordination with the General Traffic Department is required, which needs more time and procedures to secure the roads.

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