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Ministry denies ‘wrongdoing’ in education’s Kuwaitization policy

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Update social allowance data, MoE’s Kuwaiti staff told

KUWAIT CITY, March 19: The Ministry of Education in response to what is being published in the social media that the ministry, instead of children of Kuwaiti women had favored the children of bedoun and Gulf nationals, denied the reports, says Al-Rai daily. The official spokesman for the ministry, Ahmed Al-Wahida, said the Ministry of Education is keen on the stability of the educational staff in schools, especially Kuwaiti teachers and children of Kuwaiti women. Al-Wahida said in a statement that the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hamad Al-Adwani has stressed on the need to give children of Kuwaiti women priority in appointment after Kuwaitis, as well as excluding them from any termination decisions, in confirmation of what was stated by the minister.

This replacement policy comes in line with the state’s policy to Kuwaitize all educational and administrative jobs in all sectors of the state. At the same time, he indicated that the competent authorities in the ministry were keen, when choosing the names of the expatriate teachers included in the replacement plan, not to include any teacher from the excluded groups.

Al-Wahida added that the selection process was carried out according with the data available to the competent authorities in the public education sector, and due to the registration of the educational body’s data with the nationality of the same teacher, some of the names of children of Kuwaiti women were included among the names included in the replacement. He pointed out that if the name of one of the teachers among the children of Kuwaiti women is included in the lists, because the data has not been updated because most of them hold specific nationalities, and when there is no indication that they are from the category of children of Kuwaiti women, they were dealt with on the basis of their nationalities.

He explained that any teacher from this category whose name was mentioned in the lists can visit the office of the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education at the Ministry’s General Office, accompanied by a copy of the mother’s nationality and birth certificate, so that the public education sector can address the administrative sector to cancel their names from those lists (immediately). Al-Wahida affirmed the ministry’s keenness to implement civil service decisions that give priority to appointments after citizens to this category of Kuwaiti women’s children, in order to preserve their rights and stability in the country.

He reaffirmed that none of the children of Kuwaiti women are included in the replacement policy, as the ministry is working hard to benefit from their services in all required specializations and to work on appointing them instead of non-Kuwaitis after implementing the replacement, in order to preserve their rights and stability in the country. Meanwhile, acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Osama Al-Sultan called on the ministry’s Kuwaiti employees in its various sectors to update their social allowance data, reports Al-Anba daily.

Al-Sultan issued a circular in which he said, “We would like to direct the attention of all relevant male and female Kuwaiti employees of the ministry regarding the need to update their social allowance data through the official website of the ministry starting from the date of the circular’s issuance until September 30, 2023. This is based on the observations received from the State Audit Bureau regarding the violations committed by some employees through their lack of commitment to update the declaration of the social allowance every six months.

This service is available on the official website of the ministry, which allows the ministry’s male and female employees who receive the social allowance for children to update their data. This is done by filling out the Social Allowance Approval Form by registering on the ministry’s website (the list of electronic services) and uploading the required document to https://eservices.moe. edu.kw

This is also based on article No. 6 of the Civil Service Council resolution No. 1/79, circular No. 14/93 of the Civil Service Bureau, and Cabinet’s resolution No. 469/2 and with reference to the ministry’s bulletin No. 130 dated 11/17/2013 regarding the control of the disbursement of the social allowance, which includes obligating the employee who receives the social allowance of the “married” category or for his children, male and female to submit a declaration in this regard every six months, explaining the marital status and the changes that occur in support of with document

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