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Ministry cordoned “The Great Escape”

KUWAIT CITY, Apr 6: Before the Ministry of Interior took control of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh region there was significant shifting of workers by their companies they work for to the other regions. Dozens of workers were seen carrying their luggage and leaving. Similar scenes were noticed in Mahboula area where luggage transport vehicles were busy loading and transporting furniture’s outside to other area.

However, the Ministry of the Interior quickly succeeded in trapping those who tried to escape and immediately dealt with the fleeing workers and returned them back to their places.

Many workers were heading to the buildings of the companies that they work for while a number of expatriates sought refuge with their relatives and families in other regions.

Some chose to rent furnished apartments in Salmiya and Hawalli areas, which triggered the rental prices of furnished apartment buildings to rise. Two days before, since Friday in Jleeb Al Shuyoukh region expat workers were noticed shifting to Jahra region.

Jahra region was suddenly noticing flow of expat workers, the adjacent building noticed gatherings of workers, when asked where you came from they said Jleeb as they would not be in position to face the ban if the government imposes it.

Security sources stated to Al-Rai that if some areas are banned it will prevent the entry and exit of its expats from those areas even if they are carrying permit document. The sources stated that the decision to isolate and prohibit the areas is related to the health and not to the security, which does not allow any person to leave the area except for citizens to buy their needs from cooperative societies only during the morning period.

As for the expats there will be a mechanism to provide food through the relevant and voluntary authorities in cooperation with the civil defense only.

The Director of Public Relations and Security Media Brigadier General Tawhid Al-Kandari revealed that he reassures the citizens and expats of the country that all those who have come out and their photos are clear are under the supervision of the Criminal Investigation and Public Security and Traffic police, and will be coordinating with the Ministry of Health on these areas.

For its part, the General Administration of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry stated that the authorities monitored the shifting of some communities from the Mahboula region and immediately dealt with and returned them to their places. The companies that tried to transfer their workers out of the region were identified and obligated to return them with taking legal measures against them. Since yesterday afternoon, the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works closed the entrances to the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area and set up concrete barriers

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