Minister suspends officials at girls’ school amid tragic student death

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26, (Agencies): In a significant development, Dr. Adel Al-Manea, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has taken decisive action by suspending several officials at Laila Al-Ghafariya Secondary School for Girls. This suspension will remain in effect until the completion of investigations into the unfortunate death of a student, with sincere condolences offered for her passing.

Education Minister suspended officials at Laila Al-Ghafariya School over tragic student’s death.

Today, in a statement issued on Sunday, the Ministry of Education officially communicated the decision to suspend the implicated officials pending the outcome of a thorough inquiry. The Minister’s directive aims to ensure a comprehensive and impartial examination of the circumstances surrounding the student’s tragic demise.

To maintain the uninterrupted functioning of the school during this period, the Ministry has announced the appointment of new officials to assume the responsibilities of those temporarily suspended. This strategic move seeks to uphold the normalcy of educational and administrative activities at Laila Al-Ghafariya Secondary School.

The statement underscores the Ministry’s firm commitment to upholding laws and regulations that prioritize the safety and well-being of all learners. It emphasizes the government’s dedication to fostering an educational environment that adheres to the highest safety standards.

Furthermore, the Ministry asserts that the lives and safety of both male and female students are paramount, reinforcing its unwavering commitment to creating a secure learning environment. The statement unequivocally states that the Ministry will not shy away from holding individuals accountable if investigations reveal any lapses or negligence in their duties.

As investigations progress, the Ministry of Education stands resolute in its commitment to transparency, accountability, and safeguarding the welfare of students. This incident has prompted swift and resolute action, reflecting the government’s determination to ensure justice and uphold the integrity of the education sector.

This news has been read 2495 times!

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