Medium burger, maximum surprise: Tourist faces waiver for uncommon request

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Release form on the menu: Tourist’s shocking encounter with medium-cooked burger.

TORONTO, Jan 25: An American tourist visiting Toronto had an unexpected encounter at a Hilton hotel restaurant when he ordered a medium-cooked hamburger and was presented with a waiver. Sharing his astonishment on Reddit, the tourist, identified as Redditor Reit007, posted a photo of the meal and the release form, detailing the unusual incident.

Reit007 explained, “I ordered my burger medium, and the waiter took it with no question or comment. She brought it, and it looked great! When I had my first bite, she brought me a release form and said we always make our burgers well done, but since you wanted it medium now, you should sign this!”

Expressing disbelief, the American tourist mentioned, “I read the release form, and I think I can never have a burger.” The waiver aimed to absolve the hotel restaurant from any liability related to potential foodborne illnesses arising from the medium-cooked burger. Despite the situation, he declined to sign the form, paid for the meal, and left without consuming the burger.

In his Reddit post, Reit007 questioned the commonality of this practice in Canada, seeking insights from locals. He wondered why the server didn’t communicate this beforehand and expressed his continued disbelief over the incident.

According to the Ontario Food Safety Guide, ground meat must be cooked to a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius for at least 15 seconds to minimize the risk of bacterial survival. A Hilton spokesperson clarified that waivers are specific to that particular location and not a standard practice across all Hiltons.

The Reddit post gained traction, amassing over 900 upvotes. Commenters shared mixed reactions, with some expressing shock at the waiver’s existence and criticizing the server’s lack of communication. Others questioned the authenticity of the incident or expressed surprise at being able to order a medium burger.

“I’ve never seen a restaurant actually have a waiver, and the waiter definitely should have mentioned it before leaving with your order,” remarked one user. Another user questioned the location, while others explained the general preference for well-done burgers in Canada due to safety regulations.

This news has been read 772 times!

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