Media for 2024 election to reflect professionalism and transparency: Minister Al-Mutairi

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Kuwait’s Minister of Information and Culture, Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi

KUWAIT CITY, April 3: Minister of Information and Culture, Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi, emphasized the significance of the media center established for the upcoming 2024 National Assembly elections, describing it as a testament to Kuwait’s commitment to professionalism and transparency in its democratic process.

Speaking to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) during the inauguration of the media center late Tuesday, Minister Al-Mutairi underscored the pivotal role it would play in facilitating comprehensive coverage of the elections scheduled for April 4. The center, he noted, is dedicated to accommodating media personnel from both domestic and international outlets.

“The opening of the media center reflects the unwavering dedication of the Ministry of Information towards ensuring professionalism and transparency in covering the democratic proceedings,” Minister Al-Mutairi stated.

Highlighting Kuwait’s commitment to upholding freedom of speech and transparent governance, Minister Al-Mutairi expressed eagerness to welcome journalists and media representatives from around the world to observe and report on the electoral process.

Meanwhile, Bader Al-Tararwah, the undersecretary for external media at the Information Ministry, emphasized the ministry’s efforts in providing extensive and multi-language coverage of the elections.

“The media center is fully equipped to host approximately 57 media personnel and journalists from global outlets, facilitating their comprehensive coverage of this significant event,” Al-Tararwah affirmed.

He further elaborated on the center’s arrangements for organizing field trips to polling stations, allowing media personnel to gain firsthand insight into the electoral process.

In conclusion, Al-Tararwah reiterated the media center’s pivotal role in promoting transparency and accountability, reaffirming Kuwait’s steadfast commitment to democratic principles.

As Kuwait prepares for the 2024 National Assembly elections, the establishment of the media center stands as a symbol of the nation’s dedication to fostering an open and transparent democratic process.

This news has been read 608 times!

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