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Media to fight terror

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: A Kuwaiti military and media figure stressed Tuesday the importance of a carefullycrafted media campaign aimed at combating terrorism in the Arab region. Media Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Major General Abdulaziz Al-Rais made his remarks to KUNA, in a seminar, on the sideline of the third Jordanian festival for Arab media.

During the forum, Al-Rais asserted the importance of awareness campaigns as part of the general plan in combating terrorism, affirming that there was a need for coordination among experts in the media field. “Specialized training for media figures and planned media campaigns are essential when it comes to combating terrorism in general,” Al-Rais added.

The official added that the role of Arab women was also critical in raising awareness regarding terrorism especailly within the framework of the family and children. The Arab States Broadcasting Union’s (ASBU) chief Mohammad Al-Awwash is taking part in the fourday Arab media festival. Other Kuwaiti officials and artists are present in the festival, which is organized by Jordan Media Commission (JMC) in collaboration with the Arab League. (KUNA)

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