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Sunday , September 26 2021

May I know if I am eligible for driving licence?

I have been working in Kuwait since 2014. My salary is KD 650 and I am B. Com degree holder from Mumbai University. My designation on my work permit is Electrician. May I know if I am eligible for driving licence.

Name withheld

Answer: To qualify to get a Kuwait driving licence you must satisfy three conditions:

  1. Be a university degree holder
  2. Earn a monthly salary of not less than KD 600
  3. Must have been a resident of Kuwait for not less than two years since first entry Taking the above into consideration, you meet all the requirements but it must be pointed out that the Traffic Department has the exclusive right to grant or deny the issue of driving license.

This means that you can still be denied a driving licence even through you meet the requirements as spelt above.

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