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Mass migration leads to loss of 83,000 expats in last two months

KUWAIT CITY, May 11: Mass migration of workers from Kuwait has led to 83,000 workers and domestic workers leaving Kuwait permanently or non renewal or due to expiration of visa in the last two months. According to the Public Authority for Manpower the number of domestic workers decreased between February to April by 11.59% i.e 84,463 workers and domestic workers.

As per the Ministry of Interior the total number of domestic workers in February was 71, 9988,in  April it was 636,525, reports Al Rai.  As per Recruitment offices of Domestic workers in month of April 19 complaints were filed against employers of companies, 95 complaints from workers against employers, 162 complaints were referred to the judiciary, 115 complaints of absconding were referred to judiciary, 97 complaints were filed against workers by employers, 123 complaints were resolved amicably between the worker and the employer, 32 complaints of passport were filed where the passports were handed over to the workers.

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