Marriage and Plastic Surgery Secrets: The Controversy Unveiled

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 8: Kuwaitis have etched in their memories a humorous moment featuring the late artist Abdel Hussein Abdel Reda in the series “Private Lesson.” On the night of his wedding, he was taken aback by his bride, the talented artist Souad Abdullah. She surprised him by removing her wig, eyebrows, and false eyelashes, followed by taking out her contact lenses and washing off her makeup. This transformation revealed a completely different image, a far cry from the beautiful picture he had seen just moments earlier.

This particular scene, harking back to 1981, seems oddly prescient, almost as if it were foretelling the present-day scenario. Fast forward approximately 42 years, and we find that the situation it depicted back then resonates with the reality of today. Nowadays, the appearance of certain women, and occasionally men, on their wedding day can be dramatically distinct from their authentic or prior appearance. This transformation is often attributed to cosmetic procedures or the artistry of makeup experts, leading to numerous issues post-wedding day.

In the past, it was customary for the mother to personally inspect the bride when she was introduced to her son. This practice ensured that everything appeared as expected, as it was often challenging for the groom to ascertain these details before marriage. However, in today’s era of silicone enhancements, injections, and plastic surgery, the landscape has evolved significantly. It has reached a point where it can be exceedingly difficult for a man to discern between a woman with innate beauty and one who has undergone enhancements through the hands of plastic surgeons, blurring the lines between natural and artificial beauty.

This predicament has, at times, resulted in divorce cases being initiated, citing harm on the basis that the wife had “misled” the groom and failed to divulge her surgical procedures before marriage, which had altered her appearance and rendered her suitable for marriage.

“Al-Rai” initiated a conversation on this matter by seeking the perspective of religious scholars regarding the legality of a marriage in cases where an individual did not disclose their plastic surgery procedures to their spouse before the marriage contract. Al Rai Daily, also inquired about whether there is an obligation to return the dowry in such situations. Additionally, experts in this field were consulted to shed light on the legal implications of concealing plastic surgery from one’s spouse. It was raised whether these actions, including surgeries aimed at enhancing one’s shape and appearance, should be classified as deceit or criminal conduct.

According to experts, it is the responsibility of both partners to reveal any surgeries that have been conducted before the engagement.

This news has been read 3575 times!

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