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Sunday , January 24 2021

Marginal workers adopt ‘illegal trades’ to survive

‘Unhealthy food sold to people’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: Marginal workers have become a headache to the government agencies, especially as many of them are associated with various illegal and random activities that threaten consumer health, as they use places that lack the basic health requirements to prepare food for consumers, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily spotted an old building in Salmiya area that is about to collapse with the upper part falling apart with the activities of its residents (workers and families) who are not concerned with the danger surrounding them and almost exposing passers-by to danger.

This should not be sighted in Kuwait, as it shows the failure of relevant authorities to follow up on such issues. Inside the building was a surprise; because marginal workers have turned the back yard into a kitchen to prepare some foods, such as “bank”, thermos, beans and other grains usually sold on motorcycles or mobile bicycles, which are often found at the roundabouts of residential areas. In light of the unsafe food factors, it adds a new health burden to the burdens created by “Covid-19” pandemic.

At one side of the square, the “makers” have set up barrels for storing and salting grains and preparing the food before selling them. The coarse salt fills the place accompanied by rodents and insects comfortably playing around, threatening the safety of consumers who are oblivious of the health horrors they might encounter due to the potential pollution.

On the opposite corner of the square, a group of stoves and gas canisters required for cooking, preparing and heating the grains, in addition to plastic bags were organized with many bags of salt that contradict all health requirements. Immediately after the arrival of the daily to the “manufacturing den”, the workers practicing this activity fled, leaving behind their pollutants that threaten the health of unwary consumers who aspire to spend their spare time in “entertainment” with pills.

Consumers may find it tasty without having in mind that it might be made of rodents, insects and vermin, which is dangerous to their health, in the absence of the regulatory institutions concerned with confronting such random violating activities.

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