Mangaf fire exposes widespread building code violations in Kuwait

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Mangaf Fire sheds light on investment and private sectors building code violations.

KUWAIT CITY, June 23: The recent fire in Mangaf has highlighted severe building code violations across Kuwait’s investment and private sectors. Following the blaze, real estate owners have started dismantling illegally constructed studios, which had been built openly under the watch of the municipality and the Ministry of Electricity and Water. These unauthorized constructions have placed immense strain on the electrical network, exacerbating the country’s ongoing summer energy crisis.

A tour by a local newspaper through the Farwaniya and Hawalli governorates revealed that many real estate owners have exploited building entrances to create studios consisting of a room with a bathroom and kitchen. These additions were made without official approvals, leading to increased rents and additional burdens on state services. Most buildings affected are nine-story structures.

During the tour, it was observed that some property owners are now removing these illegal rooms to avoid penalties and power cuts. Building guards in Hawalli reported this activity, indicating a growing fear of repercussions.

The incident raises critical questions about the role of supervisory authorities in the municipality and the Ministry of Electricity and Water before the Mangaf fire. Sources from the Ministry of Electricity and Water informed Al-Jarida that the electrical network is a vital part of the country’s infrastructure. Unauthorized building additions that do not meet regulatory requirements put undue pressure on the electrical and water networks, contributing to frequent outages at secondary electricity stations. These violations also strain the sewage system and parking facilities due to increased, unregulated population densities.

Recent directives from the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef have called for the immediate removal of these violations through continuous campaigns. These efforts have begun to address the longstanding issue, but progress has been slow compared to the scale of the problem.

The state is committed to protecting its infrastructure from exploitation and is taking decisive action against these illegal modifications. The campaign aims to safeguard the electricity network from further tampering and overuse, ensuring the stability and efficiency of essential services for all citizens.

The Mangaf fire serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of regulatory neglect and the importance of vigilant enforcement of building codes and infrastructure maintenance. The government’s renewed focus on eliminating these violations underscores its dedication to upholding public safety and infrastructure integrity.

This news has been read 1660 times!

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