Man, wife, 16 associates get 66 years for financial crimes in UAE

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UAE couple and 16 accomplices sentenced up to 66 years, fined Dh52 million.

ABU DHABI, Jan 13: On Saturday, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department revealed on its official account (X) that a UAE national, along with his wife and 16 accomplices, have been handed sentences totaling up to 66 years of imprisonment, fines, and a combined restitution of Dh52 million. The charges encompass a range of offenses including abuse of public funds, forgery, bribery, illicit gain, commercial fraud, and misappropriation.

The verdict, upheld by the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation, marked the conclusion of a complex legal process involving 12 cases linked to the accused individuals, who hail from various nationalities. The primary defendant and his spouse received the maximum sentence of 66 years in prison, accompanied by fines, and were ordered to reimburse Dh39 million across all the cases.

The remaining defendants were met with prison terms ranging from three to 15 years, and fines totaling Dh13 million for their roles in the committed crimes. The legal proceedings were initiated by the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution, triggered by reports from competent authorities suggesting that the main defendant and his wife engaged in criminal activities. Their actions included setting up private warehouses in their residence to store expired food and consumer goods, to alter expiry dates before reintroducing the products into the market.

The offenses committed by the defendants were diverse, involving solicitation and acceptance of gifts in exchange for purported influence over public authorities. Their activities extended to illegal water pipe installations, destruction of public water distribution infrastructure, and intentional damage to the equipment of the electricity distribution body. In a highly perilous act, the defendants endangered lives by tampering with electrical panels, risking electrical leaks and ignition.

Furthermore, the accused attempted to appropriate a public road, disrupt public transport, and engage in forging official documents and electronic files to carry out their illicit activities. Commercial fraud charges were also levied against them, involving the intentional alteration of product features and expiry dates, dissemination of misleading commercial data, and the promotion of adulterated, outdated products through misleading advertising.

The comprehensive legal action underscores the gravity of the offenses committed, reflecting the commitment of authorities to address complex cases involving the abuse of public resources and endangerment of public safety.

This news has been read 912 times!

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