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Thursday , October 28 2021

Maintenance contract of Jaber Stadium quarantine center extended for 3 mths

Treatment plans tied to closure of large number of centers

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: The regulatory authorities have agreed to extend the contract for the maintenance of the quarantine center at Jaber Stadium with a company for a period of three months starting from Nov 4, 2020 to Feb 3, 2021 at a cost of KD 882,000, reports Al-Qabas daily. Health officials affirmed that the ministry’s plans to confront COVID- 19 pandemic are proceeding in the right direction, especially in terms of detecting infections, providing the necessary healthcare services to the general population, and directing contacts, based on the latest treatment updates and protocols issued with recommendations from the World Health Organization.

They said the capacity of Jaber Hospital’s clinical quarantine center is 5,000 beds, indicating that the extension fees will be paid through the contribution fund allocated to confront the repercussions of COVID-19, and this extension to the contract is the second after the first extension in early August at the same cost.

The officials revealed that the treatment plans contributed to the closure of a large number of health and hotel quarantine centers that were inaugurated at the beginning of the COVID- 19 crisis

Infected They indicated that there were only a few infected cases that remained, as their presence inside their homes could lead to dangerous consequences due to the presence of the elderly individuals, people with special needs or people with risk factors, which makes it imperative for the victims to isolate themselves in other sites provided by the ministry.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of quarantine centers that are still operating until now after the closure of about 30 hotel quarantine centers are five. They are – Jaber Hospital, Al-Zour “KIPIC”, Khairan, the Ministry of Public Works’ quarantine center in Jaber Stadium and the Police Officers Club’s quarantine center affiliated to the Ministry of Interior. These quarantine centers are supervised by doctors from the Ministry of Health who are assigned to work there.

The Ministry of Health has agreed to conduct oneday operations that require general anesthesia in licensed private medical sector institutions, based on the regulations for their conduct.

These regulations include:

1. The operation should not take more than two hours

2. The operation does not require the patient to stay in the Intensive Care Unit

3. Blood transfusion should not be required

4. The patient should not exceed the age of 50 years

5. The patient should not be suffering from chronic diseases that may make him vulnerable to COVID-19-related complications such as diabetes, heart diseases, blood-related issues, kidney problems and immunodefi- ciency

6. The patient should not exceed a score of two in the classification of the American Anesthesia Association

7. A swab test should be taken within 48 hours before the operation and the result should be negative

8. Chest X-rays must be performed to ensure he is free from

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