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Thursday , February 2 2023

Main suspect in police remand

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 28: The Samalot Prosecution in the Minya governorate of Upper Egypt has remanded the main accused in the murder of the Kuwaiti woman and her Saudi mother and his wife Hana’a Al- Hashim to 45 days police custody, reports Al-Rai daily.

The suspect, identified as AbdulTawab, is charged with the cold-blooded murder after luring the two victims to Egypt under the pretext of buying real estate. After the expiry of the police remand, the main accused will be referred to the criminal court. Earlier it was reported the main accused AbdulTawab had re-enacted in detail the crime he committed in the Al-Khareejin village No 4 in the Samalot Center, in Minya, Upper Egypt in front of the Egyptian Public Prosecutor.

At the outset the suspect had point blank denied killing the women but when he was confronted with the evidence, he caved in and said he killed the daughter but not her mother. He added, he took the victims from Cairo to Minya by train and then by taxi to Al- Khareejin village. He also said they arrived at the place at 6:30 pm. He added, after both women arrived at the site, the Saudi woman saw the place, the land and the well (where they apparently died). He convinced the mother that the land is good for agriculture and she fell for the idea.

He went on to say, the daughter preferred to take rest in one of the rooms in a house on the farm as her mother went about looking the place. He disclosed when the mother went too close to the well, she slipped and fell in and he left her to die. He then returned to the house where the daughter was resting and when the latter asked for her mother, he told her she was still busy looking over the place with one of his relatives. He added, one hour passed and when the daughter became anxious, she saw a knife in the room and threatened him because she suspected something was fishy about the whole affair. He added, he managed to handle the daughter and attacked her with an iron rod until she bled. Then he dragged the bleeding woman to the well and dumped her 20 meters down. He then climbed down the well with the help of a ladder and tied their hands both facing each other. He added, he then returned to the farm house, brought a plastic sheet and covered the well and left.

After some time he brought sand in a truck and filled the well burying the women ‘alive’. A Forensic report said the women did not die of gunshot wounds as reported earlier in a police report. However, both corpses bore injury marks. Sources close to the investigations said the murder was reported to the police by the suspect’s brother-in-law, identified only as Sayed, after his sister admitted that she helped her husband kill the women. Security sources say the women may have been murdered on the farm which belongs to the suspect’s brothers-in-law because the murdered daughter had sent an SMS to her father’s family in Kuwait that she and her mother had been kidnapped and were on a farm in Minya. Sayed said during investigations AbdulTawab cheated the two victims and stole their money (940,000 Egyptian pounds) after luring them to do business in partnership with him and instead bought a house for himself in his governorate in Assiut worth 550,000 Egyptian pounds which was the source of dispute with the two victims and which was the reason why he killed them. Sayed added AbdulTawab told him that he had filled the well with sand, which the former had built at the cost of 150,000 Egyptian pounds for irrigation purposes and when he asked the reason, he remained silent.

Sayed then went looking for the two women but did not find them in their room and instead saw dried blood all over the place. He also said AbdulTawab escaped from the house after his wife admitted to helping him kill the women. According to close family members, the suspect worked as driver for the murdered Saudi woman and was deported from Saudi Arabia and banned from entering the country.

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