Magic Hornets demolish IBL Tigers to retain ‘Top 8’ membership

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Al Qwassem, ‘X’-Trikerz move up as Swooping Eagles join Desperados

Magic Hornets

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 22: The Magic Hornets bounced back by pricking heavily the top rank IBL Tigers and won the battle thus redeeming their dominion 2,978-2,789 while the Swooping Eagles were the new casualty that was evicted from the ‘Elite Top 8’ and Asian Air Safari posted their first victory after fifth game. The changes in ranking happened in the sixth week of the PBAK-2020 GCC Tour Challenge Cup Invitational Bowling Tournament held at the Kuwait Bowling Sporting Club in Salmiyah. The other teams that registered victory were ‘X’-Trikerz, SKARZ, Rhino Dozers, GOAN Strikers and PANTHERS while Al Qwassem played bye.

Dependent on their noxious sting, the Magic Hornets used it in fighting the monster enemy, IBL Tigers. In the first game the tiny Hornets started buzzing, hovering and pricking that made the Tigers dizzy and motionless and won the game 1,016-945. The body paralysis continued and the Tigers remained powerless. That’s why the flying insects won the game 1,024-978. But in the third game the Tigers came to their senses, recovered their strength and won the game 966-913. The top pointer was Mousa Abdullah (585) assisted by Jang Hosiung (544), Ruben Cervantes (529), Waleed Ghareeb (499) and Abdullah Edrees (452) while IBL Tigers high scorer was Abdul Aziz Al Aslawi (563), supported by Yacoub Adel (528), Ulysses Menezes (482), Nadine Dias (434), Vishnu Devarasetty (301) and Joel Fernandes (130). Despite their loss the IBL Tigers remain holding the top slot for four weeks while the Hornets surged from ninth to seventh place. 

The Swooping Eagles continued their nose dive plunging and eventually out of the Elite Top 8 after their defeat in the hands of struggling SKARZ team 2,712-2,500. In the first game, SKARZ outsmarted the Swooping Eagles 876-835, but in the second game they outscored SKARZ, 863-775. In the final third game Lionel Mendes, who scored 217 and Diago Camilo who added 174, led their team and scored 1,036-802. SKARZ high pointer was Diago (462), followed by Murali (413), Lionel (331), Noor (300), Stephen Sequiera (286), Melwin Isaac (261) and Agnello Fernandes (85) while Swooping Eagles were Clinton Cathers (443), Jessica Balagat (418), Benjie Roque (388), Alonzo Bush (379) and Riz Roque (373). Although SKARZ won the game, they slide from fourth to sixth place while Swooping Eagles dropped from sixth to ninth position.

Asian Air Safari savored their first victory when they restrained themselves from another loss by snapping the three week winning streak of Mangaf Strikers 2,862-2,727. In the first game, the Airliners outscored their rivals with just two pins 902-900, but in the second game, it was three prolific scorers namely Abdullah Ali scored 237, Aseel Al Roumi added 214 and Farid Gabriel contributed 204 that made the Mangaf boys tremble and lose again 882-1,026. In the final game, the Air Safari guys slowed down their play knowing there was significant difference in the points gathered, surprisingly lost the game, 940-884. Aseel piloted his team to victory when he scored 184, 214, 216 (614) followed by Abdullah (576), Farid (538), Mohammad Jassim Abdullah (488) and Rawan Al Khurainej (433) while for Mangaf Strikers the top scorer was Jason Gamba (493), Ahmad Fahmi Husen (468), Ceddie Faa (465), Robert Opena (458) and Joe Sto. Domingo (440).

With a 5-1 record, ‘X’-Trikerz jumped from seventh to fifth place after sweeping the three-game series over Pongky Strikers 1,001-900, 1,043-820, 934-896 (3,003-2,616). Adolfo Prena’s team, with a 3-2-1 record, were glued at tenth place and needed extra effort to release themselves from temporary incarceration. ‘X’-Trikerz’s Ronnel Valencia delivered 204, 202, 200 (606) followed by Joe Presenta (551), Rocky Castil (515), Chris Carungay (312), Abel Nitikusumo (239), Reygan Percy (146) and Hussein Adnan (139). Pongky Strikers high pointer was Jhon Narvasa (495), followed by Hamad Al Dosari (468), Jess Tolentino (426), Christine Moreno (391) and Jocelyn Barros (325). The Al Qwassem players who played bye were Yousef Al Qassem (587), Hassan Al Qassem (571), Abdul Wahab Al Shatti (555) and Ali Al Qattan (544).

The collision between the two Indian teams GOAN Strikers and SKARZ Bees was a discordant game (3,029-2,436). It was a game where the contestants were a teacher and student in a quiz bee contest. GOANs easily dumped the SKARZ Bees 1,038-867, 931-762, 1,035-887. With the win, GOANs won the Weekly Team High Series and upheld the second spot while SKARZ Bees remain in the fourteenth place. GOAN Strikers top pointer was Lloyd Fernandes (675), Brian Fernandes (516), Colin Eric Nelson (486), Vasant Harshan (309), Samantha Fernandes (303), Raj Reddy (130) and Bala Subramanyam (123) while SKARZ Bees were Eden Danan (380), Andi D’Souza (374), Neeta Fernandes (328), Allan Fernandes (292), Kathy Fernandes (236) and Fatima Fernandes (210).

Finally, another mismatched game was between Rhino Dozers and Sandigan-Kuwait 2,873-2,085. Moises Amahan (550) was the high scorer for Rhinos followed by Mar Evangelista (471), Rene Marzan (450), Danilo Dalino (312), Joel Tizon (299) and Eddie Pena (292) while the losers top pointer was Marites Maranan (319), Rosalina Lacanilao (314), Fhely (285), Jinky Escuadro (267) and Josephine Tecson (260).  Although PANTHERS lost two games against Jordan Elites, still they won the match-up (2,779-2,744). PANTHERS bowlers were David Rood (508), Ahmad Fadil Karam (506), Lito Michael (494), Mohammad Othman (475) and Abdullah Al Sabri (389) while Jordan Elites were Mahmoud Dashti (614), Fadi Al Masri (489), Basma Amar (485), Ali Adel Khalil (464) and Yousef Waleed (423).         

Meanwhile, listed here-under were the results for the individual best performances. For the Individual High Game – Men’s Class A/O Magic Hornets’ Lim Jong Pil (261); for Men’s Class B – ‘X’-Trikerz’s Joe Presenta grabbed from Al Qwassem’s Yousef Al Qassem (258-254); for Men’s Class C – Swooping Eagles’ C.J. Cathers (255). In Ladies Class A, Swooping Eagles’ Marjorie Mercado (248) and in Class B, IBL Tigers’ Nadine Dias (242). In the Individual High Average – Men’s Class A/O, Al Qwassem’s Yakoub Al Shatti (213.30); Class B – GOAN Strikers’ Lloyd Fernandes seized from IBL Tigers’ Yacoub Adel (186.7-184.8); Class C – SKARZ’s Lionel Mendes (163.5) and in Ladies Class A – Pilar Bhebehani (170.8) and in Class B – IBL Tigers’ Nadine Dias snatched from Swooping Eagles’ Jessica Balagat (145.9).

By Archie Delos Reyes

This news has been read 10477 times!

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