Lulu collaborates with Thai Embassy officials

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Thailand Embassy and Lulu officials pose together

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: In a significant step towards enhancing economic relations, officials from the Thailand Embassy in Kuwait visited the regional office of Lulu Hypermarket on August 14th, 2023. The purpose of the visit was to bolster bilateral business connections between Kuwait and Thailand, spotlighting Lulu Hypermarket’s pivotal role in advancing Thai products within the Kuwaiti market. Welcoming the delegation, Mr. Mohmad Haris, Director of Lulu Hypermarket Kuwait, along with representatives from both sides, engaged in productive discussions.

The talks centered around the substantial trade partnership between Kuwait and Thailand, with particular emphasis on the expansive assortment of Thai goods featured within Lulu Hypermarket’s diverse product range. Lulu Group’s establishment of product sourcing centers in Thailand underscores its unwavering commitment to bringing premium Thai merchandise to Kuwaiti consumers. Notably, Lulu Hypermarket in Kuwait stands as a cornerstone of the economic alliance, importing a diverse array of over 1,000 products from Thailand.

These encompass a wide spectrum of categories such as food, fresh produce, non-food items, garments, accessories, and more. The meeting provided an opportune platform for the exchange of ideas and visions. The embassy officials expressed their admiration for the flourishing partnership between Lulu Hypermarket and Thailand, stressing the significance of such collaborations in fostering cultural exchange and bolstering economic ties between the two nations. They highlighted Thailand’s steadfast dedication to providing top-notch products tailored to the preferences of Kuwaiti consumers.

Mr. Haris extended his appreciation for the pivotal role played by Thai products in enriching Lulu Hypermarket’s offerings. He reiterated Lulu Hypermarket’s unwavering commitment to sustaining the import of an eclectic range of Thai goods, thereby enriching the shopping experience for Kuwaiti residents. Amidst discussions, a momentous decision was made to host a dedicated Thailand Promotion Festival at the end of September 2023, in collaboration with the Thailand Embassy in Kuwait.

This initiative aims to celebrate the richness of Thai culture and products, with the embassy providing a Thai chef to prepare authentic dishes for the public during the promotional period. The festivities align with Thailand’s national day celebrations in December, where Lulu Hypermarket will host events across its hypermarkets, spotlighting Thai fresh items such as fruits, vegetables, groceries, and fresh juices etc . In line with its commitment to cultural diversity, Lulu Hypermarket traditionally conducts an annual ASEAN Festival, highlighting the products and culture of ASEAN member countries.

This year, the festival is planned for the month of September, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of ASEAN nations and further enhancing cultural exchange. The meeting concluded on a note of optimism, underlining the shared commitment of both parties to nurturing mutual growth and cooperation. It marks the beginning of a strengthened relationship that not only fosters economic ties but also celebrates the cultural tapestry shared by Kuwait and Thailand. The collaborative efforts between Lulu Hypermarket and the Thailand Embassy in Kuwait are set to invigorate the market and provide Kuwaiti residents with an enhanced selection of superior Thai products.

This news has been read 3447 times!

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