Loopholes in executive bylaws uncovered – MP raps irregularities in KAC affairs

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KUWAIT CITY, June 29: MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan has warned that the executive bylaws of the Financial Controllers Agency Law might be marred by constitutional loopholes. In his statement to the press, Al-Duwaisan pointed out he was not wrong in saying during the session on March 25, 2015 that the lawmakers might have a confrontation with the government once the law is passed.

He accused the government of lacking enthusiasm every time the Parliament ratifies a law in an alleged attempt to dampen efforts to strictly enforce laws. He explained the probable loopholes in the executive bylaws were uncovered after setting aside the opinions of some constitutional experts, as some items turned out to be beyond the limits stipulated in Article 72 of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, MP Yusuf Al-Zalzalah has expressed disappointment over the responses he received from Minister of Communications and State minister for Municipality Affairs Issa Al-Kandari on the irregularities in the administration of Kuwait Airways Cooperation (KAC).

He said the minister’s responses are vague, stressing the irregularities will not be tolerated and the minister must take full responsibility if he fails to address the problem. He wants to know why ministerial decision number 44/2016 issued on Feb 10, 2016 that the board chairman must be in charge of the chief executive officer’s functions in addition to heading the board of directors was not applied until April 26, 2016. He added the minister mentioned in his response that the decision was applied on April 18, 2016 which was the date of the board meeting when a decision was taken to terminate the mandate of the chief executive officer. He wondered why the board of directors did not meet since the issuance of the decision on April 18, 2016 if the minister’s response is true.

He added he obtained reliable information that the board met more than once during the period starting from April 18 to May 10, while ministerial decision number 44/2016 on the renewal of the tenure of the board of directors and assigning duties of the chief executive officer to the board chairman was issued on Feb 16, 2016. He asked if the minister is aware of such irregularity and what measures were taken considering the chief executive officer did not take any decisive step during this period “as if they don’t know we were talking about the application of the law.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 5787 times!

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