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Local fish returns to tables after absence of more than 6 months

Market auctions local fish in afternoon, imported in morning

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 21: Finally, our local fish returned to our tables after more than six months of absence, as the Fish Market in Sharq resumed auctioning of Kuwaiti fish in the afternoon and imported fish in the morning ever since the activities were suspended based on a decision from the Ministry of Commerce on March 13th to preserve public health after recording a high number of coronavirus infections at the time, reports Al-Qabas daily. Kuwaiti fish lovers flocking the market after the afternoon prayer on Saturday were keen on wearing masks during the buying and selling process.

The competent market authorities organized the auction while applying the requirements on everyone, whether sellers or consumers, but severe crowding raises fears of the spread of coronavirus infection. The prices of local fish varied in the afternoon, as the prices of shrimp “nairiyah and jumbo” ranged between 45 and 70 dinars, and “fatty” shrimp between 14 to 20 dinars per basket, according to sizes and kilos. The prices of Nuweibi fish ranged between 2 and 3 dinars per kilogram, and shrimp at 3 to 4 dinars per kilogram, in addition to a kilogram of bahah selling for one dinar and Nass for two dinars.

The local Zubaidi fish was sold between 65 and 90 dinars, while the price of a kilogram of Hamoor ranged between 3 to 5 dinars, a kilogram of crabs reached two dinars and Meid 3 dinars.

Consumers indicated the catch on Saturday was considered encouraging and the increase in quantities during the coming days will greatly contribute to a gradual decrease in prices, especially for local fish that are widely popular among citizens.

In a related context, head of Kuwaiti Fishermen Federation Zahir Al-Soyan praised the Ministry of Commerce’s understanding of the fishermen’s request regarding fish auctions in Souq Sharq, explaining that imported fish will be auctioned in the morning (after dawn prayer) and the local in the afternoon, as previously done before the auctions were stopped due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Al-Soyan stated the Fishermen Union is keen on providing local fish and shrimp to consumers, pointing out that the auction taking place in the afternoon is suitable for the consumer and the fisherman.

He added: We are keen to implement the health requirements in order to preserve public health, and auctions are carried out in the presence of monitoring teams from concerned authorities, expressing hope that the coming period will witness an abundance of catches, amid revival of the fish market and suitable prices for all. He called on everyone, including consumers, owners of stalls and parallel markets, to cooperate with concerned authorities in adhering to health requirements when conducting the auction to ensure social distancing and avoid all negative effects associated with the unwanted crowding some may cause.

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