Limiting social media is ‘truly better for my mental health’ after it became ‘too toxic’: John Legend

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LOS ANGELES, Oct 31, (Agencies): John Legend is stepping back from the world of social media in a bid to safeguard his mental well-being. The 44-year-old singer has shared his decision to reduce his online presence, prioritizing his mental health over digital engagement.

“I used to be more active on social media than I am now. Nowadays, I mostly post on Instagram and occasionally on TikTok, but I’ve cut back on Twitter,” he disclosed to Yahoo Life, highlighting that the platform, now known as X, has taken a negative turn, becoming “a little too toxic.”

Legend elaborated on his choice, saying, “After a while, having that level of transparency between you and your audience – not just content flowing from you, but also directed at you – all the incoming discourse, it became overwhelming. Eventually, I just thought, ‘You know, I don’t need this.’ It’s undeniably better for my mental health. I’ve discovered that staying away is better.”

Known for his calm and laid-back demeanor, Legend confessed that very few things get to him, describing himself as “pretty unflappable.” He attributed his ability to manage stress not to be a master meditator but rather to his innate disposition, which has remained consistent throughout his life, and he has become even more composed with time and experience.

Legend recently opened up about his mental health journey, noting that being vulnerable during his latest tour, “An Evening with John Legend,” has proven to be “really therapeutic” for him. This shift in his approach to social media is yet another step in his commitment to maintaining his mental well-being.

This news has been read 475 times!

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