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Wednesday , March 22 2023

Legislators vow to stay firm despite rumour of dissolution

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Legislators vow to stay firm despite rumour of dissolution

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: A total of 22 lawmakers recently released a joint press statement reacting to hints on the dissolution of the National Assembly, while affirming their commitment to the Constitution. These lawmakers include Khalid Al-Otaibi, Muhannad Al-Sayer, Abdulaziz Al-Saqaabi, Hamad Al-Matar, Jenan Bu Shehri, Muhammad Hayef Al-Mutairi, Hani Shams, Hassan Jawhar, Mehalhal Al-Mudaf, Khalil Abul, Hamdan Al-Azmi, Al-SaifiMubarak Al-Saifi, Hamad Al-Obaid, Muhammad Al-Hewaila, Mubarak Al-Hajraf, Abdulkareem Al- Kandari, Thamer Al-Suwait, Abdullah Al-Mudaf, Abdullah Al-Anbaie, Adel Al-Damkhi, Ahmed Lari and Osama Al-Shaheen.

They asserted that threats to dissolve the Assembly have prompted them to remain firm in their stance on various issues. They also pointed out that disputes must be resolved through constitutional channels and respect for the nation, which is represented by the legislature. They disclosed that the ordinary session scheduled for Tuesday will focus on vital topics like political reform and citizens’ interests. They added all the upcoming sessions are important in terms of fulfilling the demands of citizens, as well as achieving political reform and development goals.

They believe the public’s demands must be prioritized, but other equally important demands should not be ignored. This is in response to the government’s insistence to postpone voting on urgent bills like writing off the citizens’ loans under the pretext that more discussions are required, which the lawmakers consider a hindrance to the ratification of laws in the interest of citizens.

Earlier, State Minister for National Assembly, Housing and Urban Development Affairs Ammar Al-Ajmi said the government needs more time to study some bills; such as the proposed writing off of citizens’ loans. He also confirmed the government’s commitment to address the demands of the people.
Meanwhile, following are items in the agenda of the ordinary sessions slated for Tuesday and Wednesday:
■ 19 incoming letters;
■ 61 complaints and petitions;
■ Second reading of the bill on establishing companies to construct new residential cities; q Reports of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee on these bills — establishment of a national company for marketing farm products, amendment of the Public Institution for Social Security Law, refund interest payments that some banks have collected illegally, purchase the citizens’ loans, writing off interest on citizens’ loans, formation of the workers union at Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), and transformation of Kuwait Airways Corporation into a shareholding company;
■ Reports of the Interior and Defense Affairs Committee on the proposed amendment of the Elections Law, reorganization of constituencies, list elections system and establishment of the Higher Elections Commission;
■ Report of the Foreign Affairs Committee on Kuwait’s participation in the 2007 Nairobi agreement for the removal of wrecks;
■ Report of the Health, Social and Labor Affairs Committee on replacing the word ‘servant’ with ‘domestic worker’ wherever mentioned in laws;
■ Report of the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee on the proposed amendment of the Penal Code;
■ Request to allocate two hours of the session to deliberate on the shortcomings of the World Health Organization (WHO) Office in Kuwait and strategy of the government in this regard;
■ Request to discuss the need to fill up vacant senior positions and criteria for the appointment of competent officials;
■ Request to form a three-member committee to review the reports of monitoring institutions on the administrative violations at Kuwaiti ports;
■ Request to form a temporary committee for retirees affairs;
■ Proposal of Abdulkareem Al-Kandari to nationalize all jobs in the Assembly. In another development, lawmakers reacted to the footages of Egyptian securitymen attacking and arresting two Kuwaitis studying at Alexandria University. MP Hamad Al-Matar said he received a call from the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS)- Egypt chapter asking for help.

He called on Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to protect the Kuwaiti students. He pointed out that the Egyptian securitymen dealt with the students in a harsh manner, as they were humiliated and hit even if they did not resist.

He stressed the need to summon the Egyptian ambassador to Kuwait, while unveiling his plan to submit a request for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain the measures taken in this regard. On the other hand, the Egyptian authorities have affirmed the release of the two Kuwaiti students; clarifying they were arrested for involvement in a public brawl with other students. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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