Legal action against 17 ineffective associations taken

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KUWAIT CITY, June 12: The Ministry of Social Affairs, through its management of civil society associations, has been conducting a thorough screening process of various associations to identify those that are ineffective and non-compliant with regulations and requirements, reports Al-Jarida daily. This process has led to the identification of 17 new associations that have been deemed ineffective and not adhering to the established guidelines.

The administration is now preparing to submit a memorandum with the names of these associations to the minister of Social Affairs in order to take necessary legal measures against them, including dissolution and liquidation of their funds. The funds from these associations will be transferred to the ministry after liquidation, and their future allocation will be determined accordingly. The decision to dissolve these associations was made due to clear violations of Article No. 27 of Law 24/1962 regarding clubs and public benefit associations. Some of these associations have not conducted any activities on the ground or provided services to the community for years.

Additionally, they have failed to submit financial reports to the Ministry or utilize the automated system for correspondence, indicating their ineffectiveness. Regarding the funds of these dissolved associations, they will be transferred to the Ministry in accordance with the law. The Ministry is committed to applying the law rigorously to these associations, which are considered dormant and do not benefit citizens. The Ministry’s dedicated team will continue to review the work of associations to identify any further ineffective ones in the future.

The law grants the Minister of Social Affairs the authority to dissolve associations in various circumstances, including membership decrease, financial inability, violation of legal provisions, deviation from goals, and failure to carry out effective activities. This decision reflects the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring that associations operate in accordance with the law and serve the public interest.

This news has been read 1158 times!

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