Lebanon floods swallow cars, kill four Syrian children

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LEBANON, Dec 24, (Agencies): The deluge that occurred from Friday to Saturday in Lebanon presented a harrowing spectacle as roads transformed into inundated lakes, engulfing cars and trapping numerous citizens. The calamity was brought about by rivers overflowing and water drainage blockages. Tragically, four Syrian children lost their lives in northern Lebanon when the room they resided in collapsed due to the torrential rains that swept through the country.

The most attention-grabbing incidents during the floods included the submersion of numerous cars in a swiftly flowing river at the Dora-Karantina intersection. Citizens found themselves trapped in the airport tunnel and its vicinity, leading to scenes of bravery as people rescued each other. Some broke car windows before they were submerged, others swam to safety, and some threw ropes to those stranded in the water, which locals now humorously referred to as “The New Sea.”

The Civil Defense personnel were actively engaged in various tasks, including rescuing citizens trapped inside vehicles, homes, and entertainment venues. Their efforts also involved towing stranded cars, clearing debris and rocks from the roads, and pumping water out of homes and warehouses due to the substantial precipitation that fell across numerous areas since Friday afternoon, causing widespread flooding.

In Al-Sayyad Al-Hazmieh locality, officers worked diligently to tow cars detained by pooled water and redirected the water flow near the Heart of Jesus Hospital. Later, they undertook the task of removing water from inside the hospital after it was inundated by floods.

The official National News Agency reported soil erosion in the town of Hamis/Miziara in the Zgharta district, causing it to fall onto the roof of a room inhabited by a displaced Syrian family at the base of the mountain. Tragically, this led to the collapse of the room and the loss of four Syrian children.

In a startling incident, Lebanese parliamentarian Halima Kaakour narrowly escaped drowning after she ventured into the sea during stormy weather. Reports from Lebanese media detailed that MP Kaakour was rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness during her swim in the Jiyeh area. Civil defense personnel rescued her after she swallowed a significant amount of water.

According to sources close to Kaakour, she was unconscious upon arrival at the hospital, but her condition stabilized. Later, Kaakour expressed gratitude on the “X” platform, stating, “Thank you to friends and all well-wishers for your messages.”

This news has been read 713 times!

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