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Leaving Kuwait without cancelling dependent visa

My family have resident (dependent visa) and they are in a need to go back to India and I am not sure about their return to Kuwait. If they don’t return to Kuwait within 6 months, their visa will be automatically cancelled.
So in this case, I have a few questions below:

  1. Since I am the sponsor for my family, do I need to pay penalty while cancelling my work visa as my family exited Kuwait without cancelling their dependent visa?
  2. If I plan to bring my family after a year to Kuwait, can I bring them without any legal issues as they exited Kuwait without cancelling their dependent visa?
  3. Can I cancel their visa after they go to India, I mean I will drop them in India and I will take their passport and Civil ID along with me to Kuwait, in that scenario can I cancel or renew their dependent visa?

Name withheld

Answer: We don’t think you will have to pay any penalties for your family leaving Kuwait without cancelling their dependent visas. Indeed these would be automatically cancelled as you alluded to. While we are convinced that you will not face any legal issues over the non-cancellation of the visas, we can’t stick out our heads and say that no questions would be asked and answers demanded. To forestall any future problems, we advise that you bring back their passports and Civil ID cards and officially cancel the visas before the automatic cancellation is effected. You can however not renew their residence while they are outside Kuwait.

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