Kuwait’s Refinery Scandal: Expats and Silicone Fingerprints Exposed

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: The Ahmadi prosecutor, responsible for overseeing the Criminal Security Sector, has directed the Ahmadi Governorate Search and Investigation Department to arrest ten employees from an oil company. This decision follows the arrest of four expatriates who were found in possession of ten silicone fingerprints. These fingerprints were confirmed to belong to the aforementioned employees, who allegedly used them to falsely log their attendance in exchange for monthly salaries.

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The Abdullah Port Investigation Office received information about four expatriates at the Abdullah Port Refinery engaging in fraudulent activities by forging fingerprints and signatures of employees. Subsequently, an investigative team was assembled, and the information was verified. The four expatriates were arrested, and ten silicone fingerprints were discovered in their office.

Upon questioning, the expatriates admitted that the fingerprints were provided to them by the ten employees. They claimed that they were responsible for the fingerprinting process on behalf of these employees. The expatriates, however, denied knowledge of the origin of these fingerprints, asserting that they were given to them by the employees themselves.

The source revealed that the charges against the defendants include receiving salaries without actually working. Similar arrests have been made in various government institutions in connection to similar cases.

Currently, the detained defendants are under investigation, and those accused of forgery have been summoned to address the allegations against them.

This news has been read 5886 times!

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