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Saturday , December 10 2022

Kuwait’s rank in tourism, real estate & economic development not impressive

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Dubai stands as best city and ranks fifth globally

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 23: A leading global consultancy firm in the tourism, real estate, and economic development sectors, the Resonance Consultancy, is using a set of criteria of statistical performance and quantitative assessment which ranked each city into 6 categories.

Kuwait, in the ‘place’ category, ranked 71 at the global, in terms of ‘population diversity’ it stood at 39, in ‘promotion’ at 48, ‘prosperity’ at 23, in the ‘outcome’ category, which measures the main institutions, tourist attractions, and infrastructure of the city, at 197. In the ‘programming’ category, which measures food, cultural and artistic performances, shopping, and nightlife, Kuwait scored very low, as it ranked 248th globally.

On the other hand, the Consultancy stated Kuwait is the fourth largest attractor of foreigners, a factor that reflects its population diversity, but on the other hand, it recorded a low level of education among citizens falling to the 229th position globally, reports Al-Rai daily. Kuwait’s ranking of 17th in terms of the opportunities it offers to expatriates reflects its global dependency, but excessive inequality ranking of 261 undermines its impressive ranking in the global GDP per capita category which stands in 3rd place.

On the unemployment scale, Kuwait ranks in the ninth position. Like the rest of the world and neighboring countries, the Resonance Consultancy said, Kuwait suffered greatly from the Covid-19 pandemic, and its financial crisis was exacerbated by the drop in oil prices in the world. Regionally, Dubai ranked as the best city and ranked fifth globally, followed by Doha in 12th, Abu Dhabi 14th, and Riyadh at 55th globally. As for the best cities in the world, London came first, followed by Paris, then New York third, Moscow fourth, Dubai fifth, Tokyo sixth, Singapore seventh, Los Angeles eighth, Barcelona ninth, and Madrid tenth.

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