Kuwait’s Men’s Ice Hockey League 2023-2024 Season Begins

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 17: The Kuwait National Men’s Ice Hockey League Championship for the 2023-2024 season commenced on this evening with the participation of five teams. This exciting league spans 15 rounds and is being organized by the Kuwait Winter Games Club at their facility in the Bayan area.

In the inaugural match of the tournament, the Mossads team secured a resounding victory over the Camels, with a final score of 7-2. The Mossads displayed a dominant performance throughout the three-game match, earning them the victory in the season’s first game.

The championship will feature the participation of other clubs, including the Stars, Falcons, and Warriors. Over the upcoming days, these teams will compete for the championship title, with the team amassing the highest points ultimately being crowned the champion.

Khaled Al-Mutairi, the Vice President of the Winter Games Club, shared during the launch of the competitions that this tournament marks the beginning of the club’s sports season. The club is set to host various sports tournaments for both men and women in different age groups.

Al-Mutairi also announced a historic event in Kuwaiti ice hockey competitions, with two super tournaments scheduled for the following Wednesday. These tournaments will bring together the first and second-place teams from the previous season’s league championship. The men’s category will see a clash between the Warriors and Stars teams, while the women’s competition will feature the Blue Waves and Wild Katz teams.

Highlighting the significance of local tournaments, Al-Mutairi emphasized their role in selecting players for the Kuwaiti national ice hockey team to compete in international events. He noted that all competitions adhere to the rules and regulations of the International Federation of the Game, with matches officiated by accredited Kuwaiti referees, both male and female.

The Winter Games Club’s Board of Directors, led by Fahid Al-Ajmi, is committed to maintaining the regularity of competitions across all five Olympic games under its supervision, which include hockey, figure games, curling, ice skating, and speed on ice.

This news has been read 1379 times!

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