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Kuwait’s Kyokushin-Kan karateka secure 3rd place in British tourney

Karateka Dhari Al-Enezi of the Kuwait

LONDON, Oct 6, (KUNA): Karateka Dhari Al-Enezi of the Kuwait Kyokushin-Kan team managed to secure the third place in the open weight category of the 2019 British Open and 11th Cup of Europe tournament held in Crawley, United Kingdom.

The tournament saw the participation of 155 Karatekas representing 25 countries.

Head of the delegation Hassan Al-Kanderi said in a press release, obtained by KUNA, that Al-Enezi’s win was the biggest Kuwaiti and Arab achievement in the 43-year-old tournament.

The team members have done well in the competition featuring high-level Kyokushin Karate fighters from all over the globe, Al-Kanderi affirmed, adding that the team was now setting their gaze on the upcoming 4th (KWU) Kyokushin World Championship in Kazakhstan on Dec 7-8, 2019.

The Kuwaiti team also included Karatekas Omar Hantash and Zainab Al-Kathemi, as well as referee Faisal Al-Othman.

Kyokushin Karate is a full-contact form of martial arts founded by Korean-Japanese Oyama Masutatsu in 1964.

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