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Monday , September 26 2022

Kuwait’s health situation one of best in the world

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Did not fail citizens and expats in spite of crisis

KUWAIT CITY, March 22: Former minister of health Dr Muhammad Barrak Al-Haifi has affirmed that the health situation in Kuwait is one of the best in the world; citing the availability of health services in all regions despite the pressure on these services due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, reports Al-Sabah daily.

In his interview with Al-Sabah news channel, Al-Haifi asserted the State did not fail citizens and expatriates in spite of the intensifying crisis; while many countries do not provide such services to their people.

Dr Muhammad Barrak Al-Haifi

He emphasized that Kuwait, under the leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, provides unlimited support to the health sector. “When I was minister of health, His Highness the Amir told me: ‘My son, do not hold back in serving the people of this country and its residents,’” Al-Haifi disclosed. He said any country that disburses funds for the health sector offers the best health services and “we are being envied for that.”

He applauded the efforts of all employees in the Ministry of Health, headed by Minister Dr Bassel Al-Sabah; asserting the measures taken by the minister indicate professionalism, and God willing, this crisis will pass. He added the health system in the country is organized, consists of three types of healthcare and it is in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

He pointed out “this is the evidence of our excellence, even better that the European health system.” He cited the fact that Kuwait comes second in terms of procedures taken to curb the spread of coronavirus, after China. He said Kuwait always puts the health of citizens and expatriates on top of its priorities, praising the enormous steps taken by the Cabinet in fortifying the country against this pandemic.

He also pointed out the cooperation of citizens and expatriates in terms of abiding by the directives and guidelines of health authorities, calling on everyone to continue to adhere to these measures that aim to protect them. He added, “Behind every ordeal is a privilege.”

“We trust Almighty Allah that this epidemic will disappear, but what is required in the coming period is for us to restore our confidence in our procedures which prove we are the best in dealing with this crisis,” he asserted. “The precautionary measures being taken did not come out of the blue, as they are based on global recommendations. The State of Kuwait is one of the leading countries adhering to these procedures. This is the wisdom of the Cabinet and the Ministry of Health,” he said.

“To take strict measures is better than to be complacent, so the situation does not get out of hand. God willing, we will not lose any of our loved ones – as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said – considering the strict procedures,” he added.

“The first line of defense to prevent further spread of the virus is to stay at home, because mingling means you and all your loved ones are susceptible to infection. We repeat and confirm that prevention is better than cure,” stressed the former health minister. He asked everyone follow the directives of the leadership, government and health authorities; and to continue turning to the Almighty Lord, the Compassionate, with prayers to seek protection from this pandemic.

“We have not yet reached the level of imposing curfew, but I am sure the authorities, if necessary, will implement it for the sake of everyone’s health. Health is the crown on the heads of healthy people,” he said. He concluded, “The State provides everything. We thank His Highness the Prime Minister for listening to the health authorities and taking the necessary measures since the beginning of the crisis and this is positive. I wish health and safety for everyone.”

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