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Wednesday , July 28 2021

‘Kuwait’s development plan facing number of challenges’

Dr Al-Enezi
Dr Al-Enezi

KUWAIT CITY, April 29: Dr Mohammad Al-Enezi, a member of the committee that was responsible for preparing the state developmental plan, says the plan is facing a number of major challenges particularly the availability of well-trained human resources, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Dr Al-Enezi is the Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Company for Life Sciences, which is owned by National Group for Technological Projects affiliated to Public Authority for Investment. He said the funds allotted by both public and private sectors of Kuwait for training purposes are very low compared to most countries worldwide, as 3-6 percent of the budget is allocated for training programs.

Dr Al-Enezi urged the government to pay more attention to developing the skills of leaders of all sectors particularly the health sector, stressing that the academy he represents is ready to offer three programs that will contribute to the success of the 2035 development plan, which are the development of national labors, development of young employees of the health care sector and security and safety program.

He explained that the academy is in coordination with about 20 health institutions including universities, medical training institutions and more than 50 international programs for training doctors and other medical staff locally without having to send them overseas for training purposes.

Dr Al-Enezi revealed that Kuwait spent KD 400 million last year for the treatment of 11,000 medical cases overseas, indicating, “If Kuwait had invested five percent of this amount for the development of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical staff, the medical services of the country would have improved to a large extent and the large amount of money spent on overseas treatments could have been saved”. He said the biggest challenge that the health sectors in Kuwait and other Gulf countries face is the large number of expatriates working in the sector due to which the government is hesitant to spend money on their development, out of fear that they might leave when they please.

Dr Al-Enezi went on to say that the misconception of a doctor who takes up administrative tasks is a “loser” is another challenge that must be dealt with appropriately, adding that this misconception must be eradicated in order to ensure there are qualified and welltrained leaders to develop the health sector in the future. Regarding the urgent requirements of the health sector, he affirmed that Kuwait has the latest medical equipment and provides the best treatment methods. “In spite of this fact, people still complain about the bad medical services they receive in the country. The problem is the lack of development of human resources and the administration”, Dr Al-Enezi added.

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