Kuwait’s budget struggles amidst declining oil prices

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The current oil price is about $90. It can barely cover our current budget that will be finished by the end of March next year. A noticeable part of our budget is that most of it or about 85 percent covers salaries subsidies and other items, yet there is no refence to any tangible element that can produce and be positive for our growth or development. If we look around ourselves we will notice developments and short and long term plans in our neighbors. We will notice the commitment and dedication of other states and their population to reach a certain level of growth and the creation of new jobs.

All of us are looking forward to achieving and reaching certain goals and objectives. Indeed, here in Kuwait, we lack such goals, objectives and execution. We are ashamed that nothing is being done to repair roads and streets everywhere in our country, that used to be the ‘talk of the town’ in the Arab world. We don’t know how long the repairs will take place.

On the other hand, we are good in dissolving and electing a new parliament more than once a year, and that for 62 years, 45 governments were formed, which can be translated simply as no government has lasted one year. So where do we go from here — from failure to another with no clear vision or any goal to achieve? Today, we are hoping for any government official to stand up and say: ”We will repair our roads and streets in the coming year.” We are in search of just one goal and task to be delegated and dedicated to the people for them to move on and implement.

Despite our unlimited resources in every field and cordial relations with most of the nations that would love to help and assist us in every field, as well as our young population, adequate education and infrastructure; our country can excel only if we have clear established road map, backed up by a committed government. Certainly, this is a challenge that all of us must face together should it become reality. Definitely, we have objectives and plans like the silk road and for Kuwait to become a commercial and financial center.

Nevertheless, such goals are still somewhere in our minds or beautiful dreams to entertain ourselves with. Or just to be used as self-defense mechanism against anyone accusing us that we do not have any such plans or objectives in the short and long terms. Or just empty words to complete our past and future governments’ annual message to the Parliament and the international media. At the end, we are in desperate need for a strong and committed government with clear vision and objectives. Is this a difficult task to ask for the State that is popular, wealthy and surrounded by countries willing to assist it in almost any field? We have enough brains to come up with our needed and wanted goals.

By Kamel Al-Harami Independent Oil Analyst
Email: naftikuwaiti@yahho. com

This news has been read 1531 times!

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