Kuwait’s Anti-trafficking Triumph: 182 Cases, 356 Accused In 9 Months

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Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs unveils a comprehensive report on human trafficking combat.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8: In a recent statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait affirms its unwavering commitment to combat human trafficking, providing a comprehensive update on the nation’s progress in implementing its national strategy. The disclosure follows the response to evaluation questions from the US State Department, part of the annual report on combating human trafficking.

The Ministry’s responses focused on three crucial aspects: investigations, trials, and convictions. According to the report, there were 182 investigated cases related to human trafficking, involving 356 individuals. Of these, 150 cases were classified as sex trafficking, encompassing prostitution, pornography, and sexual exploitation.

The ongoing efforts include 41 investigations into sex trafficking cases, and an additional 21 cases related to forced labor, including slavery, forced begging, and other forms. The report also outlines 11 cases related to extortion or other offenses.

Regarding trials, the Ministry reported a total of 162 people tried in human trafficking cases, covering sex trafficking and forced labor. A breakdown revealed 82 sex trafficking cases with 135 people prosecuted during the reporting period, and 15 cases related to forced labor with 23 people being tried.

In the convictions file, the Ministry disclosed that 75 people were convicted in 59 human trafficking cases, with 22 individuals acquitted. The report emphasizes Kuwait’s efforts in supporting victims, and providing legal assistance, protection, and privacy. Legal aid, civil lawsuits against traffickers, awareness campaigns, and measures to prevent forced labor further underscore Kuwait’s commitment to eradicating human trafficking.

The Ministry also highlighted its cooperation with other countries, policies to prevent vulnerabilities, and training officials to implement anti-human trafficking policies and laws. The report addressed concerns raised by the U.S. State Department, such as punishment for residency trading, government cooperation, and the prevention of re-traumatizing victims.

In parallel, the Permanent National Committee for Implementing the National Strategy to Prevent Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants convened to discuss the development of an action plan aligned with international best practices. Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Raya Al-Rashidi, emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts and unifying visions to combat crimes contrary to societal values.

These updates collectively highlight Kuwait’s significant strides in preventing and addressing human trafficking, aligning its practices with international standards and norms.

This news has been read 1804 times!

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